Artur Racicki, born March 26th in Lublin, Poland.
CEO & Co-founder of tech startup Social WiFi Inc., Co-founder of SEEDiA and CEO and Founder of Pozytywnie.pl – Digital Marketing Agency.
Economist with MBA diploma from Kozminski University, the best business school in East-Central Europe. In 2015 he received a “Kozminski’s Lion” award from President of the university for the best graduate of the year.
In 2015 he took 5th place in Brief magazine’s ranking of “Most creative people in business”
Experienced in building award-winning teams.
Experienced in raising Venture Capital and conducting M&A
Acquired over 300 clients
e-Commerce expert working with companies in the Telco, Hospitality, Retail, Financial, FMCG, and Media sectors.
Lived over 6 years abroad, visited 46 countries.

Enterpreneurship & Startup

He acquired experience by working in various lines of business and learning from the best, as well as creating his own startup companies. Now he shares his knowledge in numerous articles, interviews and publications.

He educates, inspires and motivates teams on a daily basis in two firms – Social WiFi and Pozytywnie.pl.
He believes that:
– the most important qualities of an entrepreneur are courage and willingness to take risks.
– determination, passion, dedication, consistency and hard work are what determines success in business.
– fortune does not exist by itself, it favors those who act and work hard.
– the probability of achieving success in a startup is inversely proportional to the amount of conferences attended while searching for business inspiration.
– those who do not make mistakes do not do business. It is not possible to learn business from others’ mistakes only.
– children of entrepreneurial parents are more eager to take risks, make decisions faster and know how to begin their ventures. Children of parents with regular jobs have more difficulties, but might still have resourcefulness in their genes.


You can golf throughout your entire life. It’s a passion, a study of concentration and a struggle with oneself on every hole. Golfing is a huge effort; a 4-hour game often requires a 10km walk and 2,000 calories burned! Contrary to popular belief, golf is not that expensive – the initial cost only requires covering a licence, and the clubs are available for rent. Moreover, the sheer joy of golfing is priceless.


Traveling greatly changed his life. When he was 8 years old he left Poland with his family and attended primary school in Belgium, where he has learned Dutch. He worked as a plumber in Canada, glass collector in London, floor polisher in Belgium and restaurant manager in Cambridge. He has visited 46 countries on most continents. All that experience contributes greatly to his openness to the world and people, his ability to understand cultural differences, and ease of adjusting to divergent life and business situations.